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Our crazy, unceasing urge to ask people who can’t know to speculate about what the future holds arises from what psychologists call our ”illusion of control” - our tendency to overestimate our ability to control events.
Ross Gittins (Economist)

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oh hey there is a difference between arguement and debate



For example:

Arguement: you’re opinion sucks and you’re a stupidhead, mine is right

Debate: I can see that point of view but if you take this into consideration it pokes holes in your logic.


Argument: I wish to change your point of view, through shouting and rage if necessary

Debate: We are simply having some good fun, maybe you won’t change your mind, but even if you don’t it was still a worthwhile endeavor for the enjoyment of it all.

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End of the Witch

I’m sure you have noticed from my utter lack of articles/reblogs that I’ve pretty much lost motivation to write anything Umineko related. I have some ideas churning in my head but they refuse to come out on paper, when this happens I take it as a sign to move on.

So I’m turning this blog into a personal blog, it’ll occasionally still have Umineko related stuff, I’ll probably feel like writing again once EP8 is translated, and I wanted to do some links between Higanbana and Umineko, for when that is translated. From this post on this blog will be full of stuff regarding my university subjects, golden-age mysteries, fiction in general, and the occasional animanga fandom stuff.

I’d like to thank all my followers, critics, rebloggers, and the Umineko fandom, you have made my time here fun and enjoyable. I hope that when future inspiration strikes me, I’d be able to churn out more crack for you guys. Until then, take care everyone :)

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Ep 4 Part 1 Dossier


With the end of Episode 3, we had the entrant of a new competitor - Ange, Battler’s sister visiting from the year 1998, having returned to solve the mystery of what happened on the island back then to leave Eva alone the inheritor of the Ushiromiya riches.  Though Beatrice almost had Battler this time around with an amazing ploy of trust and faux-friendship, he stood firm, carrying us into the beginning of Episode 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch.

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This is the sort of thing that makes me love Umineko.

"I hear that in Japanese magic, there is a ceremony to pray for rain. Do you know of it?"
"Rain ceremony? That thing where you throw stuff into the fire and offer a dance? ......That's not magic. They say that the fire causes an updraft, and as a result, rain clouds gather. That's supposed to be an accepted scientific phenomenon."
"Oh? ...I had believed that it was a form of eastern magic, but it isn't magic? I had believed that people offered sacred fire to the heavens, as well as a dance of respect, so that your entreaty for rain would reach the hearts of the gods."
"Maybe people did that long ago. But most occult things like that have a scientific explanation."
"Why do things burn? Isn't that because phlogiston is contained in the material?"
"......No, things burn because of a chemical reaction. Lavoisier abolished the phlogiston theory."
"Why does heat transfer through objects? Isn't that because caloric is contained in the material?"
"...I'm pretty sure that was abolished by Joule. Heat is energy, not a substance."
"You have studied well. Your knowledge is correct."
"...It's just some random facts."
"Phlogiston, caloric, and eventually ether and god's love. ......All are powerless before a scientific explanation. In the past, I was told that an apple falling from a tree was thanks to god's love, so that humans would be given food."
"The love of god instead of gravity? ...Well, that's probably the remnants from the period when religion rather than science was used to explain everything."
"That is correct. In the past, humans called the limits of their knowledge,, ignorance itself, magic. ...Just like the rain ceremony we were just talking about."

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